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Breaking Muscle
Muscle & Fitness
7 Mass-Building Tips from a Pro Strongman and Bodybuilder
1 DAY AGO - One of the world’s strongest men gives his candid take on tactics to add mass.
Was the Tom Platz vs. Fred Hatfield Squat-Off Legit?
1 DAY AGO - Twenty-six years ago, two titans met in a legendary contest of strength that some experts find Expand
Coach Brett Bartholomew on How Overtraining Affects Performance
4 DAYS AGO - A near-death experience from overtraining led to a major change in his life.
Why UFC’s Tyron Woodley Passed on Acting in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming
4 DAYS AGO - The former welterweight champ and budding actor talks stunt work and conflicting careers.
How to Use Giant Sets in Your Workouts to Make Huge Gains
5 DAYS AGO - Use an old-school training technique to boost muscle size with this 8-week program.
6 Things Experienced Lifters Do Every Day
7 DAYS AGO - Copy these six daily habits of experienced lifters to stay healthy and keep moving toward your Expand
"The Muscle Doc's" 5 Moves for a Bigger, Better Squat
10/8/2019 - Movement specialist Dr. Jordan Shallow explains how these squat progression exercises will help Expand
The Bench Press Program to Add 20 Pounds to Your Max in 10 Weeks
1 DAY AGO - Unleash your inner benching beast with this workout plan.
Arnold's Cure for Jet Lag Is Exactly What You'd Expect
1 DAY AGO - The last thing you'll catch the 'Terminator' star doing after a flight is taking a nap.
Creamy Green Chili Spaghetti Squash Bake
3 DAYS AGO - Creamy green chili spaghetti squash bake is the ultimate comfort food! Packed with flavor, this Expand
C.T. Fletcher Talks Pumping Iron and Parenting
4 DAYS AGO - Zack Zeigler and Don Saladino sit down with the legendary lifter.
Chris Hemsworth Ends His Week With a Grueling Workout
4 DAYS AGO - Workouts like this are why he looks like a real-life Norse god.
Are Behind-The-Neck Presses Safe?
6 DAYS AGO - With adequate mobility and strength, this movement can be a phenomenal shoulder builder.
6 Methods of Measuring Body Fat and Their Pros and Cons
7 DAYS AGO - Learn how lean you really are with this comprehensive guide on measuring body fat.
15 Pushup Variations to Target More Muscles
10/9/2019 - Make the most out of this basic but versatile upper-body movement.
Build a Boxer's Physique Using this Bodyweight Routine
10/8/2019 - Get lean, athletic, and conditioned with this boxing inspired workout
Saquon Barkley Returns to the Giants Backfield After High Ankle Sprain
1 DAY AGO - The running back returned to the field nearly four weeks ahead of schedule. We break down the Expand
Should I Cut Out Alcohol to Get Rid of Fat?
2 DAYS AGO - People are constantly posing the question: "does alcohol make you fat?" The relationship between Expand
Tyron Woodley Breaks Down Why He Endorses CBD Products for Recovery
4 DAYS AGO - The former UFC welterweight champ chooses his sponsors wisely.
Interview: NXT Champion Adam Cole
4 DAYS AGO - The rising star discusses his start in the industry and more.
Female Bodybuilder Nataliya Kuznetsova's Incredible Physique
4 DAYS AGO - The Russian powerhouse is reportedly the heaviest known female bodybuilder.
6 Two-Move Workouts to Save You Time and Get You Shredded
6 DAYS AGO - Keep your workouts simple and experience the power of advanced “training economics.”
The Best Exercises to Loosen Your Ankles and Wrists Before Training
10/14/2019 - Unlock your ankles and wrists for reduced pain and improved performance.
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