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Medical News Today
Georgia Sues to Close Sterilization Plant
7 HRS AGO - Air testing results showed high levels of a toxic gas in neighborhoods close to the plant.
FDA Approves New Drug for Most Common Form of Cystic Fibrosis
9 HRS AGO - Acting FDA Commissioner Dr. Ned Sharpless said the approval was an outgrowth of efforts to speed Expand
Stress in Pregnancy May Affect Baby's Sex, Preterm Delivery Risk: Study
14 HRS AGO - Women with either physical or psychological stress were more likely to have a girl, the study found
FDA OKs Diabetes Drug for Type 2 Heart Failure Risk
1 DAY AGO - The FDA granted a new use for diabetes drug Farxiga (dapagliflozin): to reduce the risk of Expand
What Kind of Drinking Can Trigger A-Fib?
1 DAY AGO - The strongest risk factor for a-fib was the number of times per week a person drank. The greatest Expand
Brain activity has role in human aging and longevity
1 DAY AGO - After studying human tissue, mice, and worms, scientists link excessive brain activity to reduced Expand
Douching linked to dangerous chemicals in blood
1 DAY AGO - Emerging evidence links vaginal douches with higher blood concentrations of potentially harmful Expand
First-time evidence suggests that fat can accumulate in the lungs
2 DAYS AGO - New evidence shows that fatty tissue can build up in the airways, affecting lung health, Expand
Scientists may be getting closer to creating a universal flu vaccine
4 DAYS AGO - A phase I clinical trial may represent the first step toward finding a universal vaccine that Expand
Good News for Parents: Many Preemie Babies Grow Up Fine
8 HRS AGO - The study of more than 2.5 million children found that more than half of those born prematurely Expand
Heart and brain health are connected, but what influences both?
10 HRS AGO - A new study in twins finds that modifiable factors, such as early family life, may be more Expand
Doctors' beliefs about treatment affect patients' experience of pain
14 HRS AGO - New research suggests that the placebo effect can transmit from doctors to patients through subtle Expand
Signs of Virus Seen in Disease Paralyzing Kids
1 DAY AGO - The new test detected antibodies for two types of enteroviruses in the spinal fluid of dozens of Expand
Teal Pumpkins Offer Allergy Safe Halloween Stops
1 DAY AGO - The Food Allergy Research and Education wants to make Halloween inclusive for kids with food Expand
Which foods are beneficial for a healthy gut microbiome?
1 DAY AGO - A diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, and legumes, contains some red wine and poultry, and is Expand
Healthful snacks can reduce feelings of fatigue
1 DAY AGO - Swapping sugar and saturated fat for vegetables and smoothies can diminish the impact of sleep Expand
Gut microbiota may 'prevent and cure' rotavirus
2 DAYS AGO - Scientists have found gut bacteria in mice that could cure rotavirus infections, which cause the Expand
Drug Limits Damage of Brain Injury
4 DAYS AGO - Treatment with the drug within three hours of brain injury reduced the risk of death, the Expand
Antidepressant Doesn't Ease Obsessive Behaviors of Autism
8 HRS AGO - The study randomly compared use of the drug to a placebo over 16 weeks. In the end, the Expand
Jimmy Carter Recovering in Hospital From Fall
13 HRS AGO - Former President Jimmy Carter, 95, is recovering from a minor pelvis fracture after he fell at his Expand
Could an existing heart drug help treat cancer?
21 HRS AGO - A new study suggests that a heart drug could help treat cancer by killing a wide array of aging Expand
Many Parents Not Following Safe-Sleep Advice for Babies
1 DAY AGO - Less than one-third said they only put their babies to sleep on "approved" surfaces, namely, a Expand
Recall: Walmart Frozen Sausage for Salmonella Risk
1 DAY AGO - The U.S. Department of Agriculture says George’s Prepared Foods of Caryville, TN, produced the Expand
Fecal Transplants Benefit IBS Patients: Study
1 DAY AGO - Fecal transplants -- in which stool from a donor is processed and then transplanted into a Expand
New pain-blocking brain mechanism may relieve arthritis
1 DAY AGO - Using rats for their study, a team of researchers discovered that pain relief may originate in the Expand
Work and family demands may impact women's heart health
3 DAYS AGO - A new Brazilian study has found that stress arising from balancing work and family life can Expand
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