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10 horror movies where the forest is the main character
7 HRS AGO - From 'Blair Witch' to 'Cabin Fever,' these are the films that made you tread Expand
The best way to solve a problem really may be to sleep on it
10 HRS AGO - We may be able to hack our brains to solve problems while we sleep.
6 ways to protect bats and birds from wind turbines
13 HRS AGO - Wind turbines can kill birds and bats, but they don't have to. Here are a few ways to help Expand
A veteran in hospice care is reunited with his dog one last time
14 HRS AGO - Vietnam veteran gets his dying wish to spend the day with his beloved dog.
Embattled Russian scientist sharpens plans to create gene-edited babies
1 DAY AGO - Denis Rebrikov wants to use CRISPR to fix a deafness mutation in human embryos and implant them
Watch the world’s loudest bird scream for a mate
1 DAY AGO - White bellbirds shatter the record for noisiest call—and maybe their mates’ eardrums
Global impacts of thawing Arctic permafrost may be imminent
1 DAY AGO - Seasonal carbon emissions seen outpacing absorption
Why is the Tongass National Forest so important?
1 DAY AGO - Known as the 'crown jewel' of U.S. national forests, this ancient ecosystem is at a Expand
Machu Picchu was hit by strong earthquakes during construction
6 HRS AGO - Evidence includes major damage to stonework and a sudden change in building style
Deadly typhoon forces Japan to face its vulnerability to increasingly powerful storms
7 HRS AGO - Extreme rains from tropical cyclone Hagibis caused widespread flooding that killed at least 80
Breaking: Trump names seven to revived presidential science advisory panel
11 HRS AGO - White House moves to fill council that flourished under Obama
NSF shakes up its earthquake research
13 HRS AGO - Agency seeks to compete and streamline management
Thinking deep thoughts has impact on life span
16 HRS AGO - A recent Harvard study finds that neural activity is a new player when it comes to human aging.
50,000-year-old, tar-smeared tool shows Neanderthal smarts
1 DAY AGO - Rare, submerged tool suggests Neanderthals had mastered the complex technology of tarmaking
New ‘prime’ genome editor could surpass CRISPR
1 DAY AGO - A more precise, flexible variation of the revolutionary DNA modifier makes its debut
1 DAY AGO - The world's leading outlet for cutting-edge research in all areas of science.
Four new drugs may help fight the growing threat of fatal fungi
7 HRS AGO - Well-stocked pipeline could give doctors new tools against intractable infections
Alzheimer’s drug resurrected, as company claims clinical benefits
9 HRS AGO - Further analysis of trial data, particularly from people on higher doses of antibody, persuaded Expand
U.K. science minister says DARPA-like agency is in the works
11 HRS AGO - Chris Skidmore says blue sky research funder would sit outside UK Research and Innovation
5 surprising facts about the creepy-cute aye-aye
14 HRS AGO - The aye-aye is an unusual animal with looks that freaks people out, but it's actually one Expand
Deaf couple may edit embryo’s DNA to correct hearing mutation
1 DAY AGO - Russian parents weigh the risks and benefits of a scientist’s controversial proposal
This savvy toad pretends to be a deadly viper
1 DAY AGO - Researchers have found a toad that perfectly mimics a poisonous snake right down to its hiss.
Evidence links poliolike disease in children to a common type of virus
1 DAY AGO - Antibodies in spinal fluid suggest enteroviruses causes paralysis in rare cases
There's a new apple in town
1 DAY AGO - After 20 years in development, the Cosmic Crisp apple will soon hit stores.
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